For many, the Tweed is the ultimate salmon fishing river

Welcome to the realm of the king of fish, the mighty River Tweed. Every year thousands of Atlantic Salmon make their way up river, an annual odyssey that is one of nature's miracles. Around 100 miles long from its source at Tweed’s Well to the estuary at Berwick-upon-Tweed, it draws life from over 1800 square miles of Border country.

Tweed, as it is simply referred to, is generally regarded as the most prolific salmon river in Europe, and the pursuit of Atlantic Salmon by rod and reel continues to be seen as the quintessential fly fishing prize.

For many, Tweed is the ultimate salmon fishing river, steeped in history and tradition that dates back hundreds of years. Place names and pools from Melrose to Norham still bear the names of 8th Century monks and 14th Century settlers that fished them. But of course, it was the innovative Victorian fly fishers who really brought Tweed into its own. Those traditions live on to this day.