Guest blog: Some trips deserve more than a selfie

At Crabtree & Crabtree we are delighted to offer the most beautiful properties as the backdrop to your family holiday, reunion, honeymoon or other momentous event. We asked Claire at Unscripted Photography to chat to us about the inspiration behind her holiday photography sessions.


"As we become more time poor, and children have busier social lives than their parents, the family holiday is becoming more and more important. In fact, we put ourselves under increasing pressure to make it the perfect annual event.  Similarly, couples are often so tied up with work, spending hours commuting, evenings are often spent in-front of the telly nodding off during the 10 o’clock news making weekend getaways even more paramount to sustain a healthy relationship. And then when we get home, the time-poor amongst us come away with a batch of JPEGs that sit on a hard drive for years, or some seriously questionable selfies that we quickly upload to Facebook and never look back at again.

On the other hand, we have the designated ‘family photographer’ - the poor mum or dad who is always missing from the photos. You long to have a gorgeous shot of the family all together so you either get out the selfie stick or ask a stranger who can’t work your camera - the results are never what you truly longed for.

Then there’s this poor chap… you’ve invited your girlfriend on a beautiful weekend break, the cottage is cosy, the location is spot on, the sun is setting, the romance is brewing, you’re about to get down on bended knee and pop the question and yet, you can’t capture this special, once in a lifetime moment!

And lastly, there’s that holiday where you’ve finally got all the gang to meet up for the first time in YEARS and there’s no proper way of capturing the activities, the fun, the laughter, the stories…

That’s why you need a vacation session.

Imagine. For once, just once, you return home from your holiday to receive a beautiful wooden box containing a selection of lovingly produced prints, a USB stick with all your edited images and a film! Yes, a beautifully edited home movie of your holiday. All done. Just waiting to be enjoyed. You don’t need to sort through all your blurry phone images. You don’t need to find the wires to load those landscape pans from your old video camera onto a laptop and then spend years trying to edit it together. It’s just all done for you. One little time capsule. One day, beautifully captured and preserved.

Your children will love you for it. I promise. In 20 years you’ll be able to reflect on that special time together and they’ll remember the day you spent at the beach, or enjoying that BBQ with that view, running through the hallways of that beautiful cottage - the smells, the sounds, the feeling of the sun on their face - it will all come flooding back. That’s the power of photography.

So that’s why you should book a vacation session with Unscripted Photography.

Sessions last from half a day, to a full day or even more with availability to cover holidays at any of the properties in Crabtree & Crabtree’s portfolio. The primary goal is to preserve your memories! This holiday, make sure you preserve yours."

How to book:
- Visit the holiday photography section of our services page for more details
- Be sure to tell Claire you’re staying with Crabtree & Crabtree!

We are particularly enamoured with Claire's beautiful photographs of the Lawrence Family reunion....taken whilst the family were guests at a C&C holiday house near Alnwick!