Six tips for a stylish summer picnic

Lying on a blanket, sipping an ice-cold drink, and indulging in your favourite foods is an idyllic way to spend your holiday. It’s easy to find happiness when it’s picnic season – a chance to bask in the sunshine and spend some quality time with your family or maybe even a summer read. We’ve teamed up with quintessential British homewares brand Sophie Allport to share our six top picnic tips for a stylish summer no matter where you are, whether that’s at home in the garden or on a lovely staycation with family and friends.



1. Pack the essentials - It goes without saying that you should never forget plates. Picnics might be the one time that it’s deemed ok to eat with your hands, but plates are essential for all of that picking and sharing you’ll be doing. Plus, would it even be a picnic without pretty plates? Melamine plates are the perfect go to as they are lightweight and durable, so you don’t have to worry about any smashed crockery if there are any accidents.

2. Keep it cool - A frozen bottle of water serves as a great cooler for your picnic bag and a refreshing beverage once the ice has melted. Frozen grapes are also a tasty ice cube alternative to give drinks a fruity flavour and will help to keep you refreshed for your day under the sun. Sophie Allport’s beautifully designed picnic bags have an extra thick installation perfect for keeping your food and drinks chilled for the day!

3. Say bye to bugs - Cupcake cases are really handy for stopping tiny creatures from crawling into your drink. Simply pop them over your cup and slide a straw through them to enjoy a bug-free beverage. You can also stick cupcake cases under ice lollies to avoid messy fingers (a great picnic hack for both kids and adults).



4. Come prepared - If it’s a fuss-free picnic you’re looking for, we suggest you pack individual lunch boxes for the kids, so there’s no room for arguments about who gets what. Bring separate picnic bags for the adults so you can group certain foods together. When you arrive at your picnic you’ll instantly know where everything is, ready to tuck in at a moment's notice!

5. Lay the ground work - There’s nothing like a cold and wet blanket to dampen your day. Sophie Allport’s quirky knitted picnic blankets have a practical water-resistant base, so no soggy bottoms, and they have a faux leather strap so they can be easily rolled up and carried around – excellent for taking on family days out.

6. Make it your own - Don’t forget your picnic can take place wherever you choose – on the grass, by the river, on a long walk or on the beach. You can also involve any food of your choice. A portable mini BBQ is a great hack for delicious fresh cooked food to be served at your picnic. All you need to do is pack the extras! Lastly, bring along some portable speakers or make your own by placing your phone in a cup and creating a picnic playlist to suit the mood and location.

Outdoor dining has never been this easy, and we hope these hacks have got you ready to lay down your blanket and enjoy a great British picnic. 


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